Automotive Air Conditioning

Need an Air Conditioning inspection or repair for your vehicle? Our automotive Air Conditioning experts inspect, evaluate, recharge and repair your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system. Our ASE certified technicians are equipped to handle a full range of Air Conditioning system services and perform the required repairs to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning blowing cold all summer long!

We start with a basic Air Conditioning Service that includes an inspection of your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system. As part of that basic service, we also:

*Adjust belts and tighten hose connections where necessary

*Test for leaks electronically

*Add Freon

(This basic Air Conditioning service includes service for 134A refrigerant system (newer vehicles). Automotive Repair & Maintenance also helps to protect the environment by recycling the refrigerant.

*To fully charge the system, some vehicles may require an evacuation and recharge of the entire system at an additional cost. Parts extra.

Our ASE certified technicians handle all your automotive Air Conditioning services so that you’ll know you’re getting the work done right the first time. We perform only the work you authorize us to do and we guarantee all that work in writing.